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June 4, 2013
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Wide Aperture #7

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 4, 2013, 2:31 PM

This is Wide Aperture, a little corner where we get closer to experienced and talented photographers.  This is where they kindly share their insight in a very direct way, straigth from their viewfinder.  
This is where the XXI Century kicks in, blending classic vintage works with the latest techniques and media, unorthodox works and borderline street portraiture, always keeping in mind those "most engaging unstaged and candid photos with a narrative" that we call Street Photography.


Today we meet a friend and Administrator: José Calheiros :iconjacac: Known for his controversial opinions and thoughts and for his straightforwardness, as well for his rich Passport :D filled with stamps and  “Postcards”. Here are some lines, coming from decades of experience, of films and of pixels.


How did you find street photography, and how would you describe your photographic style?

I didn't, street photography found me.

When I was a student in Architecture, so many years ago, I had to make a written work about a square with a garden in Lisbon. I went there looking for something to write about it, and I remember taking photos of the square and of the people passing there. I didn't write a single word but I delivered a photo story album and I got the best result amongst all the classmates.

Since then I always look around to see and feel what is happening in the streets.

I think I don't have a classic style and I find myself discussing this many times with many people, because for me street is not necessarily about wide angle lense (can i say this here Nuno? :) ) but about catching the feeling, the story in a scene. And my Architect mind leads my composition. So: feeling, composition and a quick finger!!!!


Enemy by JACAC


How do you find your subjects?

I don't know, I just walk around and feel what is going on, and when something clicks in my head, then I just compose and shoot, only one frame. I always think that the second frame is another story, not what I saw.


London 01 by JACAC


Do you hit the streets with a theme in mind, or it just flows?

It flows for sure, I think it is not possible going out with a theme, for me of course. If you do that, for sure you will miss a lot of things.


The big eye by JACAC


What kind of equipment do you use, and do you carry a lot of gear with you? If you had to stick to one lens for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

In Lisbon, on my Sunday walks, I use my Nikon D800 with a Nikon 24/70 (2.8) and i can do almost everything with that. When I travel I add to it my 14/24 (2.8) and my 70/200 (2.8).

Lately, since that I won the contest held by the French magazine PHOTO, I have a FuxiFilm X10 as prize to use.  I started using that small camera without big expectations, but what a great experience! 


Postcard from Brussels 02 by JACAC


Do you take hip-shots? If so, describe us how do you shoot from the hip

No, I don't.


Postcard from Paris 3 by JACAC


Are there any particular photographers that influenced you?

I think I don't have just one influence, but a mix of Bresson and Magnun photographers and also Salgado, but on top of all the photographers, the great Jeanloup Sieff. Not a street photographer, but just go and see his work.


Lisbon 11 by JACAC


What  is it that draws your attention in the streets?

The people, the smells, the sounds, the colors in b/w =)=), I need this in my life.


Lisbon 16 by JACAC


Any tips for the street togs  out there?

Go out, go out and GO OUT!

With a camera of course and take photos, but only if you feel like it.

Taking photos must be done with your head, but also with your heart.

Take care and be happy.


Friends by JACAC

Take a look at the WHERE  STREET HAS NO NAME SUBMISSION’S GALLERY Soon the most voted photos will be ready to be judged by the External Jury.

Where can you find the yard?
Wide Aperture - The Yard Collective Interview with José Calheiros
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