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Mon Nov 19, 2012, 12:24 AM
A little something to :iconstamatisgr:

Original Journal: There's something about Stammy :iconthe-yard-collective:

Stam, you know you're one of the responsible for me start
doing Street photography. I still remember that reply, once, on FB:
"Don't forget, street is a serious thing!... " So, not only I have to
thank you for guiding me into the right path, but also for being such an
inspiration to us all, with your talent and engaging effort, for
promoting Street Photography to the highest level in dA, and most of
all... for being there.
Yeap, "Mr. Street", you're a great guy.

Nuno Canha


Stam's work is a best practise of voluntary work proving how far you can
reach doing something you are passionate about. One can not imagine the
amount of work he has put into this. If there was a Street
Photographers Award all categories, Stam would be the natural winner.

are many of us out there just taking all kind of stuff for granted.
Stam has ben doing something. He is the true doer when it comes to
street and the inspiration he is spreading is priceless.



"Stam the man walked down the gallery street
of a dA then forgotten photography piece
cleared the mess from the boob and tit
he brought the new life to street and peace

Now I have to weigh all things in
do I want to see a little of quality street
or some other girl-with-an-iphone-mirror shit
choice is easy let's keep Stam in!"

Way to go Stam!! Thank you for everything! And if you are not a moderator anymore, more time to walk and shoot at the streets!!"



Stam simply has the ability to not only produce intriguing street
photography himself, but also to see and feature other photographers
qualities in a way, deviantart only can benefit from.


As for Stam, he's been an inspiration to me from the beginning. Before I
joined the yard he made comments on my photos that motivated me. It's
been great to see him rise up to the task of turning around the street
gallery on DA. I think he did a tremendous job bringing the genre to the
attention of of deviants at large, which is no small task. Thank you





Stam is an excellent photographer, and above all is a perfect Master.
From him I learned to look at the photos, and choose ones that have
something extra...



Stam is the Yard and the Yard is Stam. He's such a great guy, devoted and passionate about the Yard and street in General.

Thanks for all your hard work and gentle friendship.


Rest in peace, Stam.. That is after the DD suggestions stop flowing in
after about 6 months not being a CV. Trust me, I had at least one this



Stam is a Legend of dA, a very talented photographer, a hell of a nice
guy and a tireless worker and administator of the street community.
Whoever takes over from him has got big boots to fill! But don't tell
that fat Greek old so-and-so I said that or he'll get a big head.


I have met Stam through the Yard Club. He was already very much involved in promoting street photography. He became a true friend, a dedicated person always there to discuss, help and construct things around street photography. I think our luck for one year was to have him as a CV for the street photography category on DA. Thank you thank you Stam for being such a great CV, for sharing with us your passion for street photography. I feel so lucky to have you as a friend!



Stam, I know you know how much I appreciate all you have done in
general, but also for me personally. Nevertheless I want to take this
opportunity to thank you again: THANK YOU!



Stam, like all of us, you have a life outside of dA, but nevertheless you managed to be around all the time, take care of the street gallery (cleaning it up alone was such a great task), constantly keep us inspired, you even found the time to take pictures out in the streets yourself, and last but not least - you were a CV that didn't disappear after a while like some before you did. Your spirit inspires this place and I want you to know how much I appreciate all this. Thanks so much for all your work! :hug:



It is hard to put into just one sentence anything about Stam as a human
being or as a photographer or as a CV. But, maybe he would like if I
describe him with just one word (and sort of a personal joke): he is a
dinosaur-the only one of his kind, unique and timeless.
He is a great man, great friend and great teacher.


When I first met Stam (online that is), I was not aware where, on dA, he was involved nor which role(s) he played. One of our first encounters was in the submission comments of The Yard Collective, where I asked "why" and he gave me the rundown of what was not working with my shot. Next I find that he features one of my street shots as a DD. I had little idea then how dA was organized. I believed he was an admin of the site (a dA employee), and though that he's got his work cut out for him. But then with time and experience I found that my concept did not add up and eventually learned that Stam is a volunteer... he must be crazy... I am still baffled.
Stam I stand in awe of your dedication, it takes your kind of crazy to make this here a better place.
Thank you Stam!



Stammy to me is more than the street CV. More than the best, most
awesome, devastatingly cool, street CV ever, which incidentally he IS.
Stammy is a talented fine photographer, a passionate, charismatic,
reliable co-admin, co-founder, co-whatever. He is an inspiration and a
teacher. He is a great guy. Generous, smart, ironic, wise. Emo. And he
is a priceless friend. One I feel grateful to have in my life. One that
can't be just replaced. And that luckily (or not, poor bastard) won't
end his mandate with me anytime soon
Just a last word for dA's High Powers: you should blend Stammy and sell the juice. You could make a fortune out of it!


Stam, the street community thank you the boost, promoting street photography, and hommages your talent.

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:thumbsup: great job from both of you!
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How totally cool! Love it!
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he is a "lighthouse"
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:worship: M'Lord Tam :ahoy:
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